Where is the Festival?

The location of the festival is the fantastic Dmos People West Mid Showground, Shrewsbury, SY1 2PL situated only a 10 mins walk from the heart of the town and its amenities such as hotels and transport links like rail and bus!

What if there's more covid restrictions? Are my tickets valid for a date change?

We really hope that the lockdown days are a thing of the past but, don't panic! Following ANY date change in the event of additional Covid restrictions that hinders our ability to run the festival, all tickets will remain valid for another scheduled date or you can get a refund. You can only redeem once. Refunds will be issued in the situation the event can no longer go ahead.

Unfortunately we cannot be held liable for any loses you incur in any date change!

All previous QR codes / tickets will remain valid for the new date. New tickets are expected to be issued nearer to the time (approximately three weeks prior) for those that have misplaced previous tickets.

What time does the festival open?

The gates to the festival site for those who are camping open at 2pm on Friday 20th of September.

For those who are not camping, the gates will open at 5pm on Friday 20th September and 11.00am on Saturday 21st September. With the main entertainment / music beginning approximately 30 - 45 mins after gates open. Sunday is the recovery and packing up day, some of the amenities will remain open like some parts of the wellbeing village etc

When can I arrive at the festival?

Friday 20th September at 2pm is the earliest those with admission tickets & Camping passes can arrive to access the campsite. Standard Ticket holders can arrive at 5.00pm.

Where can I buy tickets?

Click here to visit our tickets page.

I have purchased a ticket from an outside organisation such as a voucher site do I still need to purchase a separate camping pass if I want to camp?

On occasion an outside organisation may sell tickets for the festival - however if you want to camp you will still have to purchase a separate camping pass off our web site. This particular pass is only found there alongside, camper van permit. Remember our website is the only place guaranteed not to charge a booking fee.

What is a camping pass?

An additional pass to access the campsite and camp. You will require both an admission ticket and camping pass if you wish to camp. We have done this so we can monitor camping numbers more easily and offer more cheaper ticket options for those who don’t camp. One is require per person if camping in a tent. For those in a campervan, only one campervan pass is required per vehicle.

Can I have a BBQ?

Yes, small BBQs are ok in the campsite – but not directly on the grass or open fires on the grass. Please make sure gas canisters are not changed inside tents or caravans. If you have a fire emergency, please inform a steward or security officer straight away – they will direct a first response fire team to the location. DO NOT attempt to tackle a fire on your own – we have qualified personnel & dedicated equipment for that purpose. We don’t permit disposable BBQ’s.

Can I bring alcohol?

Limited alcohol can be brought into the festival camping areas. The reselling of alcohol is however strictly prohibited – our license will not tolerate any selling of alcohol onsite from an unlicensed source. Also due to health and safety no glass is allowed onto the festival site, so if you cant get those funky plastic bottle versions of your favourite drinks or plastic cups then please decanter before hand, contraband does and will get confiscated. Tins are allowed on the campsite, rough guideline of quantities of alcohol for the campsite = 1 x 12 pack case of 440ml tins and 500ml of decanted spirit per person. But please, no glass! Children and animals use the site at other times of the year. Day ticket holders wont be allowed glass or tins into the site as they will only have access to the arena, and are allowed only a plastic bottle of drink for personal use approximately 400ml. Be pre-warned that bottle tops may be confiscated to prevent the use of missiles. Health and safety first!

Is there a special area for campervans?

Yes, there is a separate area for all campervans.

Is there a quieter/ family camping zone?

Yes, there will be a separate quieter camping zone on the opposite side of the camp site. Although potentially quieter we cant promise silence, after all we are in part a music festival not a morgue. Spaces for this will be limited and is on a first come first served basis.

How far is the camping site from the main arena?

The campsite is adjacent to the main arena - literally next door. So not far at all really!

I've got kids, can they come?

Yes of course! Check the tickets page for information about our discounted priced family tickets. Although we are an all age event we advise that youths should be supervised by an adult. There will be plenty to do on site for all age groups so you don’t necessarily have to hang out with each other, it would just be more responsible to be on site and on call if they ever require anything. Probably more funds! The question to ask yourself is would you normally let 14 year old Sammy hang out all day and possibly camp in an environment populated by adults who may have been drinking? Some children do not require a paid ticket (but must download a free one off the ticket page), They are admitted free with a ticket holding adult. Under 16’s must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult.

I have a free child ticket- do they require a camping pass if they want to camp over?

Nope, so long as they are supervised by an adult! No camping pass is required for them.

Is there alcohol served? If so what time are the bars open?

All the bars will be open during the opening times of the Festival up until 11.30pm at night. Prices are comparable to city centre prices ie approx £4 - £5.50 for premium drinks - so not bad for a festie.

What do I get with my VIP ticket upgrade?

There are two VIP options.

With Silver VIP upgrade you get:

1. Fastrack entry into Heal Festival Arena

2. Exclusive access to the Heal Festival Hospitality / VIP Area featuring:

3. Furnished Area with indoor and outdoor seating area.

4. Separate Bar with broader drinks range

5. Indoor Toilets

6. Complimentary Mobile Phone Charging Points

8. Near stage seating area

9. Extended music opening times

With Gold VIP upgrade, in addition to the silver option you will also receive:

1. Additional furnished area with observation balcony.

2. Special guest DJs

3. Optional reserved Table space (enquire direct to Vesper Lounge Monaco for more details).

4. Nibbles

5. Additional performers

6. Table service

Access to the Hospitality / VIP Area is strictly for 18+ Adult Ticket Holders and for those distributed by the festival.      *- Subject to Licence Conditions. Limited availability. Ordinary ticket required in addition to V.I.P ticket upgrade. More perks will be added at a later date.

Special hospitality and corporate packages will be available and include drinks and private table space.

I like singing songs around a campfire, can I build one?

Unfortunately, for insurance and health and safety reasons we cannot allow any unofficial guest fires in the campsite or festival arena.

Can I bring my dog?

With the exception of assistance dogs, we can’t allow pets of any kind onto the festival site, and please don't even consider leaving an animal in your vehicle on the campsite / parking area. Any such incident will be dealt with immediately.

I have a voucher, e-ticket or paying guest list, where shall I go?

All ticket holders, voucher holders, e-ticket holders, guest list or paying guest lists should enter through the main entrance in which your names, tickets or codes will be scanned in and then you will be issued with a festival wristband or stamp. You will see from the main entrance signs that there will be various queues to enter, just pick the relevant one! Everyone including campers will enter through this entrance.

What size tent shall I bring?

Whatever you’re comfortable with. We welcome people and tents of all shapes and sizes. But please be considerate to the space available, for instance if you had an 12 berth tent for 2 people it might be appropriate to down size or close a wing of the tent down to free up some room.

What is happening on each day?

We have a musical programme beginning at approximately 5.30pm Friday and midday Saturday. It will give you the chance to settle in onto the campsite, have a look around and perhaps explore the town centre which is only 10 mins walk away. The day will feature both live bands, DJs and performers set within live stages, dance tents and on site entertainment hosted by different brands and events. In addition to this we will have fun fair attractions and workshops, talks, yoga activities, charities and lashing of community stuff in our Heal - Health and Wellbeing zone. We reserve the right to add to, amend or change any line up at short notice. The wellbeing village is expected to run over into the sunday offering a relaxed way to recover from the Saturday.

Can I bring my campervan?

Yes – particularly if it is a nice one and you like having it photographed. There is a campervan area. Each van is priced at £50 per pitch, don’t forget your ticket.

What shall I bring?

Your Festival Ticket (duplicate tickets will not be issued under any circumstances).

Bring ID to verify your age matches your ticket. You will also need ID if you want to buy alcohol and look 21 or under.

Please bring proof of ID to show you are over 18.

Car Park Ticket or campervan permit.

Money, but don’t carry too much. If taking a purse/wallet, remember to empty it of everything you don’t need before leaving.

Plastic container to carry water, there are drinking water pipes on site but remember: no glass containers.


Thick jacket/sweatshirt/fleece (the sun may be beaming but it gets cold at night).

Waterproof jacket (we pray for sun, but you never know it is Britain after all).

Trainers/boots/wellies (ones you don’t mind getting mucky).

What not to bring

PETS. They are not permitted at the Festival, except guide dogs for the blind and deaf.

AIR HORNS. They are not permitted, for the sanity of those around you.

FIREWORKS. They are illegal. Any fireworks found on entry search and thereafter will be confiscated.

CANDLES. They’re not permitted, for your safety. Bring a torch and a good supply of batteries.

GLASS. Please only use plastic containers.

CAMPING STOVES. They are only permitted on the campsites.

CHINESE SYTLE LANTERNS.  They're not permitted due to the number of trees and possible dry weather.

LASER PENS.  There won’t be any smoke for them to work properly and they are a hazard to the eyes.

DO NOT bring anything that could be interpreted as an offensive weapon, i.e. a multi purpose style tool that contains a knife, mallet, etc, as they will be confiscated and held at Festival Welfare.

ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES It is a condition of entry on our licence that you allow yourself and your belongings to be searched by the Police or Security. They will carry out random searches when you are entering the festival campsite and arena. Do not attempt to bring in illegal substances as you stand a very real chance of being caught.

VALUABLES. We are a festival full of thousands of people - there are always opportunists prowling for an easy find, tents are vulnerable both in the day and at night and of course its easy to lose things too. Best to only bring things you are comfortable of losing, if you do bring valuables please use the locker service.

I can't use the tickets I have bought, can I get a refund?

Sorry, we don't refund or resell tickets that can't be used. However If you are unable to attend the date changes please make a refund request at: refund@healfestival.co.uk

This window will open for a period of a month from any date change announced via this website and / or our Facebook page..

Where can I park my car?

We have parking adjacent to the Festivals main arena. Those pulling caravans can be parked next to the caravan. Car parking is free for earlybird inclusive tickets. Otherwise a fee will be charged.

Are there any hotels & B&Bs near by?

Yes, in due time we will be listing associated hotels on our website. In the mean time please you should find a healthy array of hotels and B&Bs in the centre of town which is only at most a ten minute walk away.

What are the facilities like for people with disabilities?

Our stewards will do all they can to help you enjoy the festival.  Adapted toilets are available on the festival site.  Places for disabled parking must be arranged in advance. There are both hard standing and grassed areas.

Will there be medical support on site for emergencies?

Yes, a team will be situated by the main entrance to provide around the clock assistance.

I've lost or had something stolen

On the festival weekend please report to the main office and ask someone for assistance, if you would like to contact later on please wait until the following Wednesday to either contact the main office or email with your details. We have lots of lost property handed in, and people sometimes wrongly assume its forever lost or stolen. Tents are vulnerable spaces so to prevent opportunistic thefts please use the locker service or keep your valuables safe and on you at tall times, even during the night. Better still don’t bring any valuables at all! The festival cannot be held liable for personal loss.

Where can I smoke at the festival?

In compliance with national law you will not be able to smoke in any enclosed buildings or marquees at the festival; no smoking signs will be in place to remind you on entering these areas. Other than that smoking is permitted in all other areas.

Security, medical/ police presence?

Your safety is our utmost priority. There will be professional security, and regional medical provision on site. On occasion it maybe necessary for a random search to take place, this is all about contraband prevention and helping to maintain a safe environment. Police officers may patrol the site any particular time. This is pretty common place for festivals, don’t be alarmed its just to ensure that we are doing all we can to help maintain a pleasant environment. We don’t tolerate anything to be deemed contraband or unsociable behaviour and this can result in your ejection from site or even moved onto the local authorities. So please check what is acceptable or not in the applicable lists and T&C’s.

Can I leave the festival site and re-enter?

Camping wristband holders can. Standard ticket holders can not, unless they have a valid stamp. Standard ticket holders will be able to attend both days on the same stamp. At busy times expect a delay entering or leaving site.

Covid19 Compiance

It is expected that you will comply with any legal requirement by the local authority with regard to any Covid19 restrictions in place at the time of the festivals operation, including the potential requirement to provide proof of a negative Covid test, or submit to a test upon entry (Advice to be updated).

Are there any concessions for carers?

Yes Carers can go free so long as they can provide identification and the person they are caring for has a valid entry ticket. Acceptable forms of disabilty I.D for a cared for individual could include a blue badge, PIP award letter etc.

Charity donations

I'm a charity- how do I get involved?

Our festival is all about bringing communities together. Be it in the music scene, arts crowd, wellbeing tribe or the voluntary sector! We have various spaces on the festival site if you would like to attend to generate awareness for your good cause! just pop us an email!

Otherwise if you would just like to use us as a means to fundraise via our Tickets checkout page, just direct folk towards that direction! Simples! :)

I'm an artist, trader, journalist or volunteer, who should I speak to?

Please use the form on our contact page to contact us.