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You agree that by using this web site you hold no responsibility against www.healfestival.co.uk or Lost Culture Festival for damages or in-operability caused by the web site and its component software / code. No liability is to be held against the website. Your use of this web site is purely at your own risk  




This policy explains in detail how “www.healfestival.co.uk” along with its affiliated companies (hereinafter “we”, “us”, “our”, “www.healfestival.co.uk”, “) use any information collected during any session of usage by you (hereinafter “your information”).


Your information is collected via two ways. Firstly, by browsing “www.healfestival.co.uk” will cause the software to create a number of cookies, which are small text files that are downloaded on to your computer’s web browser temporary files. The cookies just contain a user identifier (hereinafter “user-id”) and an anonymous session identifier (hereinafter “session-id”), automatically assigned to you by the software. A third cookie will be created once you have browsed topics within “www.healfestival.co.uk” and is used to store which topics have been read, thereby improving your user experience.


We may also create cookies external to the software whilst browsing “www.healfestival.co.uk”, though these are outside the scope of this document, which is intended to only cover the pages, created by the software. Your email communications to the site will not be used, only in replying to your query or in notifying yourself with details on the Heal festival. Your information is protected by data-protection laws applicable in the country that hosts us. 

By using this site, you hereby agree to the use of cookies.

Heal Festival will not at any point sell your details to any third party. Unless you have actively unsubscribed from receiving email newsletters, you agree to permit Heal Festival to send to your registered email or mobile number communications about Heal Festival and our carefully selected Festival partners.





All conditions on this ticket are to be read together with all other statements and or directives either shown on the ticket or displayed on the premises.

In the event of a breach of this contract by the supplier, the supplier shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense arising out of the breach which was not reasonably foreseeable by the supplier at the date of this contract.

The promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to the holder if in the reasonable opinion of the promoter admission of the holder to the venue might be a risk to the safety of the audience and/or the holder and/or affect the enjoyment of the audience and/or the running of the concert, for example, if the holder appears to be under the influence of drink and/or drugs and/or is acting aggressively. Strictly no illegal substances, persons entering the site may be searched. The promoter also reserves the right to decline the sale of tickets to any group or individual at their discretion and by refund should tickets have already been purchased. 

Camping is allowed at the site only in designated camping areas, camping is only permitted with a valid arena ticket and camping pass combined. Any tents pitched outside the designated areas or in the car parks will be removed.

No pass outs will be issued to day ticket holders, please ensure you have everything before entering the arena.

All ticket holders must exchange their ticket for a wristband or stamp on arrival this must be worn at all times for the duration of the event. Lost wristbands will not be replaced under ANY circumstances.

No alcohol is permitted to be taken into the arena and the only containers permitted shall carry non-alcoholic liquid in collapsible cardboard, foil or plastic containers of not more than 1 litre. Glass and illegal substances will not be allowed inside the site. Tins will be allowed onto the campsite.

In the event of inclement weather wear warm waterproof clothing.

No private sound systems will be permitted on site.

Please use bins provided, fires are not permitted in any area and will be extinguished. Please respect the land.

There are disabled facilities including parking and disabled toilets. There is no separate ticket for disabled patrons.

Persons lost in the arena should meet in the welfare area.

No animals will be admitted to the site, except guide dogs or hearing dogs.

It is recommended that Children 15 and under should be accompanied by an adult within their group. Complimentary Under 10 tickets will be issued alongside every full adult ticket purchased when requested on the door.

If you look under 21 please do not be offended if we ask you for proof of age when you buy alcohol. Please bring proof of ID to show you are over 18.

Although we have something for all age groups, and the festival is a safe and secure site with professional security 24/7 we do advise that Youths should be supervised by a responsible adult on site. Please take this into consideration when purchasing for minors. We cannot be held liable for incidents or events associated with your child at the festival and in particular on the campsite. As the parent  or guardian of the minor you should consider the festival environment appropriately and take full responsibility and liability for the decision to allow your child within this environment and waive any action against the festival should any unfortunate incident, accident or event occur.

Due to the nature of festivals you are advised not to bring under 5’s.

You agree that the festival holds no liability in the personal loss and / or theft of personal items during your time at the festival, and will report any such instances to festival control and the local police.

Official merchandise is only on sale online or inside the arena do not purchase goods from unofficial vendors.

Strictly no trading is allowed inside the arena without written permission from Heal festival.

No tape or video recorders, professional photographic equipment or laser pens will be permitted into the arena.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the full, advertised bill performs, this ticket is for an event and not a specific artiste/band. Heal Festival reserves the right to change the bill or running time without prior notice.

In the event of cancellation of the festival by Heal Festival, their responsibility for refund is limited to the face value of the ticket only, not any additional ticket broker fees or postage levied by a third party which falls out of our jurisdiction.

Under no circumstances will duplicate tickets be issued for lost tickets etc, keep your ticket safe.

Ticket holders consent to the photography, filming/sound recording of the event as members of the audience, which may be used for promotional purposes.

Ticket holders / attendees automatically consent to the festival having the right to use all photography, filming/sound recording of the event either taken officially or independently at the festival, and depicting individuals, audience and artistes to which is already in the public domain, for promotional and festival business purposes if ever and when Heal Festival deems fit to do so. 

This ticket is security printed please keep it dry to get it wet may invalidate it.

This ticket remains the property of the Promoter until payment is received in full. Resale of this ticket is prohibited without the express permission of Heal Festival.

No tickets may be used for competitions or promotions without written permission from Heal Festival.

Please note that any vehicles not cleared of the site by 12noon on the Monday following the show will be towed away.

Please note there are restricted capacities within the Dance Areas and other tented structures once they reach the maximum capacities there will be no further admissions. You are not guaranteed admission to these areas in such cases.

It is against the law to smoke in enclosed spaces, please observe the signage around the festival site.

The organisers reserve the right to implement any restrictions/conditions deemed necessary before and during the event to ensure the safe management of the festival site.

You will accept that possible damage may be caused to hearing due to loud music at the festival and accept that Heal Festival don’t hold any liability in this respect.

You accept that CCTV images will be monitored throughout the festival site for the public safety and the prevention of crime.

You accept that on occasions it may be necessary for security staff to request to see proof of admission or age and reserve the right to eject if such requests are ignored.

You accept that no liability can be held by Heal Festival in regards to your failure to adhere to safety signs or in regards to negligent behaviour of yourself in regards to this matter.

In the event of further Covid restrictions, You accept that the standard ticket purchase is valid for the date July 1st 2023 weekend, and a subsequent re-arranged date and will be redeemable one time only at whichever date the event takes place first. You accept refunds will only be issued if all dates do not operate an event. You accept Heal Festival reserve the right to offer refunds on their discretion in exceptional circumstance.

You accept that Heal Festival cannot be held liable for any lose occurred due to any format change to the event, or by use of third party services.



All donations will be made subject to any UK Tax law and transaction / admin fees if any (estimated at 5% to 20% of donation consisting of a 4.5% financial transaction fee, 0.3% hosting fee and staffing costs). All donations will be matched with nominated good causes if a valid corresponding email is sent to: charity@healfestival.co.uk linking with the donation email details. Otherwise all non-nominated donations will be distributed to our partner good causes, The Rural Charity and COPE Mental Health equally minus any transaction / admin fees.

Under Part II of the Charities Act 1992 and The Charitable Institutions (Fund-raising) Regulations 1994 and 1992 Scottish Act:

As an individual if you are fundraising for a particular organisation you must state clearly that you are fundraising 'in aid of' if they are not aware of your fundraising activity, or 'on behalf of' if you have an agreement in place.

As a charity / organisation, you must check that any ‘on-behalf-of’ volunteer fundraisers are suitable to act as responsible people on your behalf.

You must:  

There is no legal definition of ‘fit and proper person’. However, Cabinet Office guidance on national exemption orders for house-to-house collections highlights the need to consider ‘past convictions or current investigations’ concerning the volunteer as an example of how to check whether they are fit and proper.

You must store volunteers’ contact information and other personal data in a way that meets the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.

If you are aware of their activity beforehand, you must tell ‘in-aid-of’ volunteers that:  

  • they must use the expression ‘in aid of’ your charitable institution when fundraising, to distinguish their fundraising from yours; and 

  • they are responsible for organising all aspects of their fundraising and that you will not accept any liability relating to their fundraising.

Otherwise all donations are made 'in aid of' the charitable causes, and such nominated charities bare no connection, liability or loss incurred from such fundraising activities by individual enterprise.

All donations are not refundable.

Heal Festival and ONE LOVE COMMUNITY MUSIC AND ARTS CIC Company number 11014790 accepts no liability for any loss incurred in any nominated donations, and offers the nomination facility as a tool for individual 'in aid of' fundraising, rather than as Professional fundraisers themselves as outlined in the Fundraising code of practice, accept in the case in which a Professional Fundraising Agreement is already in Place.

For those that would require a Professional Fundraising Agreement then you agree to the following terms under part II of the Charities Act 1992 and The Charitable Institutions (Fund-raising) Regulations 1994 and 1994 Scottish Act:

1. That all donations received through the Festival website portal will be subject to a 5% - 20% transaction Fee dependent on donation quantity.

2. That only donations nominated for your charity will be earmarked for bank transfer, and all none nominated donations will be distributed evenly between the Rural Charity and COPE Mental Health

3. That all donations are not refundable

4. That the use of 'fit and proper' people are used for your campaign

5. That the use of 'in aid of' or 'on behalf of' is used appropriately

6. That all donations minus any transaction / admin fees will be transferred to a nominated bank account within 14 days of the festivals end.

7. That your charity or the festival accepts no liability or loss due to any fundraising activities undertaken

8. That upon request all records and accounts to ensure transparency of donations can be requested following the end of the festival

9. You agree that in exercising this activity you agree to the above conditions




Whilst Heal Festival will use it’s reasonable endeavours to ensure that all material found on this website is accurate and up to date it cannot guarantee this to users/readers and Heal Festival does not represent that the information contained on this website is accurate, complete or verified and will accept no liability or obligation (whether at law or otherwise) for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this website for any loss or damage suffered by any person, company or other organisation from any reliance placed upon the information found on this website.


Pages on www.healfestival.co.uk that acknowledge a specific author do not necessarily represent the views of Heal Festival but are presented as the opinion of that author. Heal Festival has no responsibility for the contents of such articles.


Heal Festival (c) is organised by Fat Live Ltd, One Love Community Music and Arts CIC, Peace In Our Time CIC and the Rural Charity..


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