April 25th 2022
Today we are launching our Heal The Nation with Positive Vibration project supporting thousands of charities and good causes nationwide!

 We will be offering limited space on our festival site for charities to get involved and raise awareness for their good cause.

We will also be offering the chance to donate to any charity via our Tickets check out page offering a great fundraising opportunity 'in aid of' all these great causes!

All donations 'in aid of' the corresponding nominated charity will be distributed after the show.

Pretty cool hey?


Hopefully almost all of it! There are transaction fees and admin costs per donation, but the more donations we receive the less this percentage will be. It is estimated between 5% to 20% may be utilised for such costs.

If you would like to fundraise for a specific charity - either contact them direct and arrange with them, or contact us and we will see how we can support your efforts!

April 2nd 2022
All systems go getting ready for the July 1st-2nd Festival. To coincide with the cool announcements over the coming weeks we are proud to announce two of the four arenas.
Firsty Perception and Subsoundz have joined forces to deliver the MOON BASS ARENA. Expect lashings of D'n'B, Dub, Bass, Breaks and oldskool!
Performing inside include the likes of the legendary General Levy, Nicky Blackmarket and Altern 8 amongst many others. The arena will be open both Friday and Saturday.
Secondly we welcome deephouse and techno supremos -  /Tek'ni:k/ who will be partnering up with Kontakt crew - featuring the likes of Kusp and Rohar.
More arena announcements soon! 
Sep 2nd 2021

It breaks our hearts to tell you that we have no choice but to delay this year’s Heal Festival a while longer until July 1st -2nd 2022.
We all knew this was a possibility, and as such from the outset offered alternative dates for your tickets to roll over too.

When we launched this event we did it in a difficult climate, COVID has decimated our world and we wanted to send a sign of positivity back into our communities, bringing us back to party and celebrate ourselves through music and art – to help us HEAL!

But alas illness has struck key members of the organising team including hospitalisation at the most critical time leading up to the show, and as such following guidance from experts and the venue have decided the best course of action is to postpone the event.

It has been the hardest decision to make and we were hoping that after the short delay previous we would all be in a position to celebrate with you all but, unfortunately, that isn’t the case. We have worked tirelessly to try and resolve this over the past 48 hrs but we have unfortunately had an exceptional year with exceptional circumstances, and because of the possibility of disruption in these COVID times, we put in place the precaution of a ticket that would be valid at three future dates from the outset and redeemable at which ever show date got delivered first. We just never thought we would be doing it for a second time.

We know how desperately you all need music festivals this year and we feel exactly the same, which is why we have pushed to the absolute limit in order to explore every possibility of going ahead despite this.

We are a new independent music festival and understand the advice is for the long-term survival of what is sure to be an amazing festival, its particularly gutting when we were so close to getting the gates finally open!

As stated early on, all tickets, will automatically be rolled over to the next show date, which will take place from 1st – 2nd July 2022. As before we understand not all of you will be able to make next year’s event or may just prefer a refund.
To request a refund please email:
We will keep the refund window open until 21st September 2021, after then we will assume that you want to carry over your ticket to the next date. If you do that's great and as a thank you for your continued support we will automatically upgrade your ticket to include an extra night and of course we intend to add extra acts and arenas and add back a couple of acts that couldn't do the previous date.
Thank you for your support as always and thank you to all the stores, workshops, suppliers, and artists such as Black Grape, General Levy, Nathan Dawe etc who have supported us in these tricky times and share the vision - and we will see you next year!
Heal Festival family x
June 28th 2021
Dear festival goers,

We are gutted and sorry, but we are going to have to make a mini postponement until September 11th 2021 for the Heal Festival Shrewsbury. We all knew this was a possibility, and as such from the outset offered alternative dates for your tickets to roll over too.

The other Monday saw the delay of the so-called ‘Freedom Day’. As Heal Festival Shrewsbury sits outside of this delay, we felt we should continue to proceed with the July 31st date. But with little safety guidance on how we can run the event with possible unknown Covid restrictions, the delay, in the release of the long-awaited research from the Event Research Programme (ERP) and the announcement by LATTITUDE that they will be operating as a ERP pilot show AFTER the so-called 'new freedom day' on July 19th indicates to us that Covid restrictions will still be in place.
With the announcement of a new secretary of state for health and the inevitable settling in period only further adds to the chaos this pandemic has brought.

With all this uncertainty, and rising covid cases there are numerous aspects of the festival we cannot plan, and which could lay us wide open to last minute alterations, unforeseen regulations or requirements which could prove too difficult to cater for last minute. There could be capacity or density restrictions, indoor / outdoor restrictions, track and trace protocol, prohibitive testing regimes, covid certification – a host of unknown actions required, yet potentially requested too late to be implemented in time within such a short space between July 19th to the 31st.

We wish that we were able to bring you better news however we think we are making the right decision to implement a little postponement until September 11th. We are gutted that we can't all come together sooner, but if we wait just a little while longer it will be worth it to see some great acts attend our fair county.
We are therefore busy moving over all the cool acts we had lined up for the show to the new date. There are bound to be some line up alterations and additions. It is our primary objectives to ensure you have a great show, but also a safe show.
This has been a devastating 16 months for the industry. If calls for a government-backed insurance scheme had been heeded – as recommended by the DCMS, emulating successful schemes now up and running in other countries – many shows could have potentially continued to be planned and invested in the coming weeks. We are all too aware of friends in the industry, suppliers, artists etc who will go under due to all this uncertainty.
As a new show we have not received anything from the Cultural Recovery Fund, Restart Grant or the Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund, we are a bunch of peeps who decided we needed something positive to look forward to, to help us 'HEAL' . It just looks like we will have to wait a couple more months.
Any tickets will automatically roll over to the new date on Sep 11th 2021.
We know not everyone will be able to make the new date, in which case we are making sure refund requests will be made available for a months time from this announcement, closing on July 28th. To request a refund please send a request to:

Hopefully you will hold onto your ticket, as this will greatly help us in preparing for the September 11th date and supporting the charities involved NHS Dementia, COPE mental Health and the Rural Charity amongst others.
With love, please look after each other, See you at the front of the stage on Sep 11th,

The Heal family