Subkutz House / Techno VIP Terrace

For 2023 we are expanding the terrace facilities to offer a BIGGER VIP experience - you can still expect the party to go on beyond the main stages close!
2022's offering:
Sub Kutz and  Redshilliz have joined forces to host the VIP arena offering the festival a deep groove.
Long have they strived to bring along to the people their unique ethos of what was good in the missed 90's rave culture, a cultural alternative to the otherwise sanitized mainstream music narrative. A haven where the underground music thrives and takes people on a journey through deep house, funk, disco, soul and techno to their utopia of the freshest alternative electronic sounds in the scene today.
Simultaneously broadcasting within the Metaverse through Decentraland, the arena offers a glimpse into the future!
More announcements and special guests to be added soon!

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