Moon Bass Dance Arena Tent

The Moon Base arena was bouncing all weekend - for 2023 the line up is going BIGGER and the tent along with it!
2022's Offering:
Shropshire has a long history and love affair with Drum and Bass music, and amongst the early pioneers are the 'grand daddies' of the scene - Subsoundz.
Coming back with their distinct brand, Subsoundz have brought some of the biggest names in the scene to these shores. They will be partnering up with recent Stalwarts Perception who have carried the flame and recently delivered the biggest d'n'b shows in the county with the likes of Andy C and Fabio and Grooverider gracing the decks
moon bass arena Heal Festival Shrewsbury
---- Some of the featured Acts ----
Nicky Blackmarket is one of Drum and Bass' most well known DJs and record producer. He is regarded as one of the pivotal figures in the early Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass scene. He has been playing Drum 'n' Bass all over the world for the past two decades.
Blackmarket started DJing in the 1980s when he was 14 and initially played electro before moving on to play all different types of dance music in house parties and on various pirate radio stations, including Pulse FM and Eruption FM, in London.
He is also famous for being the former owner of the world famous independent dance music record store 'Blackmarket Records' store in Soho, Central London (now known as 'BM-Soho'). In the early 1990s, he created a department within the store for the breakbeat scene which would evolve into Drum and Bass.
Blackmarket has sporadically produced tunes ("Spam EP" as Nick OD) however his main focus has been on playing tunes as a DJ all over the UK and the world.
He is a Member of 360 & Owner of Kartoonz Recordings and is a self confessed avid tea drinker and for his sins a massive fan of QPR!
DJ Fallout at Heal Festival 2022
Mistress Mo at Heal Festival 2022
Escape at Heal Festival 2022
Tim Ryan at Heal Festival 2022
Dark Fada at Heal Festival 2022
Colon at Heal Festival 2022
K A Smallz at Heal Festival 2022
Kella at Heal Festival 2022
Jay Dubz at Heal Festival 2022
Monchi at Heal Festival 2022
Dj Wangy at Heal Festival 2022
Wozza at Heal Festival 2022

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