In association with Libra Creative Arts CIC we have a created a health and wellbeing zone featuring some of the regions most prestigious wellbeing speakers, gurus and Craft Exhibitors.

Speakers include:

June Meagher Sound Healing and Chanting

Diogenes Mock Psychotherapy, Myths and Facts Question and answer session
Leroy McCoy - Black history celebrating our shared heritage - bridging the Gap XCON 2 ICON

Workshops include:
Tom Shanti

Tom Shanti : Workshop: GONG Bath
Qualified Gong Master, trained by the legendary Don Conreux, Yoga Teacher, Mantra musician and Sound Therapist, specialising in sound healing events, using large Gongs, Tom Shanti Tibetan singing bowls and other holistic instruments.
The workshop will be a powerful sound journey where deep relaxation and stress can occur, a profoundly liberating Gong bath with Himalayan singing bowls and other sacred healing instruments that will soothe and balance mind and body.

Ben Calder Centre for Integral Health Qigong Workshop
Will Collectively be providing the following:
Bowen Technique Sessions
EMMETT Technique (TBC)
Theta Healing
Rapid Transformational
Therapy and Hypnotherapy
Systemic Constellations And therapy.
Some of these will be Information only

Eurythmy School West Midlands
Offers both a physical and spiritual dimension, that involves movement, music, poetry,drama,colour and encompasses education stage performance and therapy.

Marica Saracina
PIlates and OLIT workshops,
Experienced in movement therapy

Andrea Amis Reflexology workshop
Reiki, Group conscious connected breathwork,Reflexology

Anwar Jewellery Workshop, Introduction to jewellery making techniques
Independent creative jeweller

Karen Mccabe Workshop Conscious Connection Heart Based Tantra
Karen is a Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher,Laughter Yoga leader Heart Based Tantra Teacher, Women's Circle Facilitator, Cascao Ceremony Facilitator and Spiritual Empowerment Coach

Amanda Vernalls Work shop Reiki Chakra
Reiki Master, Crystal Healing, Yoga Coach, Shamanic Healing Meditation guided visual healing, Soul readings, Clairvoyant, Clair audience, Clair sentience, Clair cognizance

Alexander Fioravante Workshop Tuning Fork Therapy
Experienced in Singing Bowls, handpan and Gongs.

Gongbath - Tom Shanti; qualified Gongmaster

QiGong, Bowen Technique, Nutrition - Ben Calder and team; Centre for Integral Health

Holistic Therapist – Karen McCabe – Conscious Connection

Tarot – Alison Haines

Reiki Chakra – Amanda Vernals – Reiki master

Reflexology – Andi Amis

Pilates – Marica Sarcina

Eurythmy – Sebastian and team


Weaving – Tamzin Titford-Mock

Clay – Carol Caldwell

Basketry – Sarah Loghlin


Natural Caribbean Juices

Selina’s Crystals

One Love Community Arts

Ladydidee’s Natural Skincare

Bodhi Tree

Calipo R & A Creative Design, Healing Oils, Candles & more

Integral Health


Equine Therapy, Elaine Noble


Sound Healing – June Meagher, Holistic Therapist & Reiki Master; Universal God Centre

Myths and Facts of Psychotherapy – Q & A session – Diogenes Mock, Holistic Psychotherapist

Celebrating Life – Kate Spohrer, Celebrant
We are of course supporting NHS Dementia, COPE Mental Health Charity and the Rural Charity - all of which will have a place within our communities tent alongside more yet to be announced.
We have lots more to add and announce.
Including a variety of exhibitors stands.
Places for each workshop are limited.
If interested please register your interest as soon as possible
Interest is high places are limited
Register by email to: paulineclarkecampbell@gmail.com